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Joanne Calderwood has not gotten out of “first gear in a fight”

Check out this informative interview by soft-spoken, Scottish Muay Thai striker, Joanne BADMOFO Calderwood 

Joanne on her relationship with Invicta FC:

 I’ve got a good relationship with the whole team, I guess Shannon’s my boss but she’s the kind of boss you like, the kind of boss you don’t mind going into work for. The fact that Invicta gave me a chance and took a risk with flying me all the way to America after only 2 pro fights is something I’m grateful for. After three fights I feel at home at Invicta and part of the family.

I’m interpreting this as Invicta paid for Joanne’s trip to Invicta with only 2 pro bouts under her belt. I’m not sure I can call that smart business, but it sure paid off for Calderwood and Invicta. Plus, Shannon Knapp is loved by all. 

“How would you self-critique your career thus far?”

Imagine being on a really fast and amazing roller coaster that you’d queued for a very very long time…now you’re on it you don’t want to get off it and will fight anyone in your way trying to take you off the ride. That sums it up pretty much hahaha. I’ve yet to get out of first gear in a fight if I’m honest, I’ve not shown half of my skill set. I’m happy being 7-0 against good opponents, but the best is yet to come for me.

Hopefully we will get to see those other gears, cause I agree with Joanne’s self-assessment, she’s fought at one pace, and mostly standing, in all fights I’ve seen of her. If she mixes in takedowns like she did in SFL, watch out. Norma Rueda Center really gave her a go with the mixing up of strikes and wrestling. 

Fight camp injuries

With any fight camp you always pick up some kind of injury with the way we are training but mostly mine are very minor(touch wood) and I’m always on point with aiding them. Like last week I hurt my shin, I iced the shit out of it, covered it up for a few days and now it’s perfect. 

 I believe if you look after your body it will make things a lot easier and it might love you back lol. I’m lucky to be sponsored by an excellent physio (Physio Effect) and looked after by coaches who know just how hard to push me in training.

Take care of your body. And it will take care of you. Some reason I doubt many fighters are doing this, and if they aren’t, they ain’t reading this… 

Invicta 7 opponent, Katja Kankaanpaa

I’m not as familiar with her as much as my team are haha, but that’s how we work. I was actually supposed to fight her the last time at Invictaas she was one of the first names given to my team as a potential match up, so we knew she was on my radar. My coaches keep an eye on all the 115 pound girls. I’ve seen her fight a few times,she’s fought a couple girls in MMA that I beat under Thai rules actually.

I see her trying to do what she usually does and rush to the fence, slow stuff down and try to frustrate me and I can see me changing things up from my last fights, showing some of the stuff I’ve been working in the gym which excites me.

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December 7th Joanne returns to the cage. The PPV can be ordered on the Invicta website as well as on television (check your local listings).