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Vernon White Story by Sherdog Poster

I had my ass saved by Vernon ‘Tiger’ White from a pretty good beating back in May 1993. I just looked at his fight finder and realized it was just four months before his pro debut.
I was at the Calaveras County fair [in California, USA] and trying to break up a fight between my friends and a bunch of guys. I was pulling a guy off of one of my friends when I got pulled down myself. Next thing I know I’m getting kicked in the head by three cowboys from all directions. I had my hands protecting my face so I couldn’t use them to stand up. Then all of a sudden it stopped and I feel someone pulling me out of there before security could come. I look back and see that two of the guys are on the ground and one is holding his face with blood going everywhere. Vernon said he was standing in line for a ride when he saw me getting kicked in the head. I ended up with my temples pretty swollen but it could’ve been worse.
Luckily I had been friends with Vernon. This was shortly after he had began training with Ken Shamrock. This was way back when MMA was just getting going and those guys probably didn’t have a clue as to what hit them.
- Intellidamus of Sherdog forums